Email the BBC to get them to lift the ban on wearing World AIDS Day red ribbons

The BBC currently bans the wearing of the World AIDS Day red ribbon by presenters. We believe that BBC presenters, like their guests, should be free to mark World AIDS Day.

We are concerned by the BBC's stance on this issue, and the idea that certain stars may have been disciplined by the BBC for wearing a red ribbon:

Given HIV-related stigma and discrimination persists, seeing celebrities wearing a red ribbon around World AIDS Day challenges prejudice and sends out a really positive message for those living with the condition.

In these times of low public awareness of HIV in the UK, if someone feels passionately enough to want to wear a ribbon that should be encouraged, not penalised. We believe the BBC's current rules which ban the wearing of red ribbons around World AIDS Day are illogical and unfair.

In the same way that presenters may wear the poppy, we believe there is an extremely strong case for exempting the red ribbon from any BBC policy preventing the wearing of awareness ribbons and symbols. The red ribbon is a well known international symbol used around the world and in the UK to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.

We hope with your help that the BBC will now rethink their policy on their presenters wearing red ribbons and do more to raise awareness about HIV.

You can take part in this campaign by using the form below to send an email to Lord Hall the Director General of the BBC.


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